Haddie Cooke

How and when do you listen to podcasts?

To be honest I listen whenever I can; driving home, making dinner, cleaning the house, relaxing on the porch with my cat, or running errands. Pretty much whenever I have a free few minutes! It’s great when you want to give your eyes a little break from staring at a screen too.

What podcasts do you listen to?

Emotional Hangs - I love this show and as soon as I wake up every Wednesday morning I’m refreshing the feed over and over again. Two comedians, Joe DeRosa and Kurt Braunohler talk about making and maintaining friendships as an adult, which we all know is pretty difficult. They have deep conversations and realize things about themselves all while taking the kind of hilarious digs that only two best friends can makes it highly entertaining.

The Vanished (Wondery) - The host, Marissa does an exceptional job interviewing and producing this heartbreaking and informative show with each episode focusing on a different missing persons case. Hearing from the family members, law enforcement, and private detectives on each case makes each episode very personal and memorable. Marissa takes her time with each story and it’s obvious she truly cares about the families she interviews. This show is so highly produced and researched it gives NPR shows a run for their money.

Road Work (5by5) - Yes, I’m a bit biased since this is a 5by5 podcast *but* this is one show I never miss an episode of. I could listen to Dan Benjamin and John Roderick talk about pretty much anything. John’s bizarre, deeply honest, and often times hilarious personal stories paired with Dan’s humor, knowledge of almost everything, and uncanny ability to draw these stories out of John make for a very special show. They both ask deep, difficult questions to try to understand how the other sees the world. In one episode you might get a history lesson about pre WWII planes and the next they’ll cover John’s house being plagued by raccoons. What I’m trying to say is, no two episodes are alike but all equally amazing to listen to.

The Dollop - If this podcast existed when I was in high school I would have made an A+ in history class. Want to laugh until you cry while you learn about insane things that have happened throughout history? This is for you. If you haven’t noticed I love comedians and the hosts of this show, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds are no exception. Dave reads the story to Gareth who is hearing about it for the first time so his genuine reactions are the best. Each episode is self contained so you can kind of start with any episode. Sometimes Gareth is known as Gary.

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks - Comedian Michael Ian Black and actor Tom Cavanagh choose a snack and rate it in the most silly and hilarious way. They aren’t adding any new episodes lately but that just makes it easier to binge. I’ve probably listened to each of their 100 episodes twice.

Are there any podcast episodes that have had a big impact on your life, business, or thinking?

The Moth - “The Apron Strings of Savannah” - A beautifully bizarre, hilarious, and touching story by a man with the most entrancing voice.

Radiolab - “The Explorer's Club & The Sugar Egg” - About collecting, objects and their sentimentality.

Roderick on the Line - Ep #176: "The Opossum Had Distracted Me" - John tells a true and amazing story of sentimentality.

The Dollop - Ep #12 “The Rube” and Ep #15 “Ten Cent Beer Night” - Both are just hilarious and a great place to start.

Emotional Hangs - Ep #13 “Joe and Kurt Get Soft about Parents” - If you’re a human being who has parents I think this will mean something to you.

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks - Ep #65 “Chicken in a Biscuit” and Ep #99 “Leibniz Butter Biscuits” - Pure silliness, stupidity, and laughter.


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Haddie Cooke is the Host of Killing Time & The Frequency, Account & Sales Director 5by5 & Archer Avenue and is excited always about everything.