Nathan Bashaw

How and when do you listen to podcasts?

I walk to work every day, and maybe half or a third of the time I listen to podcasts. I also listen a lot with my girlfriend. Anytime we’re out of town and driving, we’ll put a podcast on. We’ll also just go on walks through the park sometimes and listen to podcasts or an audiobook.

What podcasts do you listen to?

Generally I gravitate towards fascinating conversations with smart people:

But I also like some more produced narrative-driven shows:

Are there any podcast episodes that have had a big impact on your life, business, or thinking?

The episode of the Tim Ferriss show where he interviews Alex Blumberg, of Gimlet media. In it, Alex talks about how he learned from Ira Glass that being world-class at something is really nothing mystical, it’s just that you have to put a little bit more time and energy into what you’re doing than most others would. Where most people would say “enough”, you keep going. I’ve intuitively done that to a certain extent, but now I fully embrace and protect that instinct.

The episode of Revisionist History called “Carlos Doesn’t Remember” really woke me up to the reality that I have no clue what it feels like to truly struggle. I got a lot more sensitive to injustice after that.

About Nathan

Nathan Bashaw is the founder of Hardbound - illustrated summaries of bestselling non-fiction books, in an awesome, tappable format you've never seen before.