Ruben Gamez

How and when do you listen to podcasts?

I listen to podcasts all day, every day. When I’m doing chores around the house, driving anywhere, and waiting in line. There’s plenty of downtime throughout the day for me to catch up on audiobooks or podcasts.

What podcasts do you listen to?

I’m really getting into Noah Kagan Presents recently. Love how he goes deep and covers stuff not many people talk about (when it comes to business). Plus, it’s a fun podcast.

Gaps is another recent podcast that I’m liking. It’s a podcast that breaks down case studies of businesses doing well by finding gaps in the market. Glenn then uses that as a starting point for a few business ideas that you can use. It’s a very original/creative podcast, and I just love what he’s doing with it.

Seeking Wisdom, The Startup Chat, and Startups for the Rest of Us are podcasts I’ve been listening to for a longer period of time. I like that they’re shorter and each have a unique angle on startups.

I’ve also been listening to MMA podcasts -- especially ones like Robin Black Podcasts which talk about the art of fighting, beginner’s mind, constantly improving, and how it applies to life in general.

This in no way is a complete list of the podcasts I listen to regularly, but they’re the ones that come to mind right now :)

Are there any podcast episodes that have had a big impact on your life, business, or thinking?

I don’t know that I’ve had episodes that have had a big impact by themselves, but collectively that’s definitely the case. Just the fact that I learn a useful bit from each podcast (or have a small shift in thinking), it all adds up over time.

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Originally a software developer, Ruben bootstrapped Bidsketch while working full time and was quickly able to grow it into a profitable SaaS product.